by Deseret News | Mormon Life. In a footnote of his April 2020 general conference talk, Elder Neil L. Andersen writes, "At times, our Heavenly Father accompanies a blessing given to us with an intense spiritual confirmation that the heavens intervened on our behalf. Neil L. Andersen, courtesy of Neil believes in—and has seen—miracles large and small in his life. Elder Neil L. Andersen spoke to BYU students this week on what it means to minister. There is no denying it. Read or watch the full talk here. On April 4, 2009, Neil L. Andersen was called as an apostle for the Quorum of the Twelve (“Elder Neil L. Andersen”). A talk given by Elder Neil L. Andersen of The Quorum of The Twelve Apostles during the Sunday Afternoon Session of the October 2019 General Conference. Elder Anderson gave a stellar talk about Jesus Christ during the October 2020 General Conference. “The holidays are a time when some missionaries … Elder Neil L. Andersen: ‘We Talk of Christ’ Elder Neil L. Andersen encouraged Latter-day Saints to talk of Christ. The hand of the Lord was at work as three talks, prepared for the same audience, identified three aspects of the iron rod, or the word of God: (1) the scriptures, or the words of ancient prophets; (2) the words of living prophets; and (3) the power of the Holy Ghost. It was an important learning experience for me.”-Elder Neil L. Andersen He shared great insights and understanding about how to increase our connection to Him. Collected Talks of Neil L. Andersen If you're aware of any talks available online that aren't listed here, please let me know. In his talk, “A Spiritual Work,” he says: We cannot always see the end from the beginning. 5 Quotes Plus Discussion-Promoting Questions See also Teaching Helps. Elder Neil L. Andersen: Joseph Smith. “As the world speaks less of Jesus Christ, let us speak more of Him.” Elder Andersen Shares More Insights on the Church's New "Ministering in a Holier Way" at Devotional. Also see other collected talks . 5 Highlights for “We Talk of Christ” by Neil L. Andersen. "Wounded" by Elder Neil L. Andersen Discussion Helps November 09, 2018 / Camille Gillham “Wounded” by Elder Neil L. Anderson is a great reminder that while trials happen, they are a part of the plan. Subscribe to … It stays with us, and if we are honest and faithful, it will shape our life in the coming years." In his talk, Elder Andersen informs us that when Joseph was first visited by the angel Moroni, he was told that his name would "be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues." — Neil L. Andersen (@AndersenNeilL) December 23, 2019 Elder Andersen shared images of his grandchildren passing out a Thanksgiving card to missionaries in the MTC in a Dec. 6, 2019, Facebook post.

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